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UWM & City of Milwaukee: End Charter Enrollment Bribes!

September 12, 2014 Leave a Comment

Please sign this petition from the Milwaukee Teacher Education Association to end the practice of paying parents and community members to enroll or refer students to privately run charter schools in Wisconsin!

Paying parents to sign up for charter schools in Wisconsin

It has come to light this week that several Wisconsin privately-run charter schools have been using $100, $200, and gift cards to bribe parents and community members to refer and enroll children. The schools even specify that to receive a payment, the child referred must be present on Sept. 19. Attendance on this date determines the level of state funding that each school receives.
This bribery scheme to increase enrollment spits in the face of schools that are working hard to increase enrollment the old fashioned way, by providing a quality education. If you think schools shouldn't be able to artificially inflate enrollment through bribes then please sign this petition.

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