Social Justice Curricula, Resources & Workshops!

October 31, 2010 0 comments

K-12 Teachers will be on hand at the Curriculum Fair with poster-board visuals to discuss their favorite curriculum, local & national organizations will have tables to share relevant resources & books, and community leaders will be facilitating dialogue through a number of workshops on vital educational & justice-related issues.

Update: The Curriculum Exhibits, Resource Tables & Workshops proposal process is closed. Thanks for all your fantastic submissions!

And don't forget the always-uplifting keynote speakers & creative performers... to be announced soon!

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More about the Curriculum Fair...

October 30, 2010 0 comments

Lunch is provided for all, to sustain us as we move through our day. Live art, paintings & banners from local movement artists will inspire & amaze, and there's even word (or rumor!) of a raucous after party in the mix... 

Update: Childcare will be provided!  From 10am-5pm. Courtesy of volunteers from the Chicago Childcare Collective. Childcare registration will take place through Online Registration for the Fair.

Update: Our Setup/Cleanup committee has committed to recycling paper & plastic this year and TSJ is striving to have a plastic-water bottle free event. Please bring a bottle of your own.

We hope you'll help us shape this space to be accessible for people with disabilities, accommodating to those with language & dietary needs, and safe for all people to be their full selves.

Register, volunteer, come to a meeting! We'll appreciate you dearly!

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How to Participate

October 29, 2010 0 comments

*EMAIL THIS MESSAGE to your list and Invite Friends to the Facebook Event Page (click "Suggest to friends" to the left under the flyer image).


*VOLUNTEER for Outreach, Setup & Clean up, Registration & Food donations help (through registration) (Click Here)

Update: Curriculum Exhibits, Workshops & Resource Table proposals process is closed. Thanks for submitting!

There is no registration cost, though we request a $5-10 donation (includes lunch) if you can give. This is an all-volunteer event and all volunteering, monetary donation & in-kind support is appreciated so we can cover costs. Thanks!


Keep an eye on our website.. we're going to attempt to web stream the keynote speakers and will be sharing video, photo & audio from the event shortly after.

Have specific questions as an out-of-town guest or other specific inquiries? Hit us up at or on facebook.

With peace,
Teachers for Social Justice
Chicago, IL

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Why is Teaching for Social Justice Important?

October 28, 2010 0 comments

Following on the US Social Forum in Detroit in June, the national upswing in education organizing, the victory in Milwaukee against Mayoral takeover of their public schools, and the recent tremendous victory by CORE for Chicago Teachers Union leadership, we recognize the need more than ever to build the momentum of the Education for Liberation movement.

For 10 formative years of the Curriculum Fair, we have come together based on our commitment to education for social justice. Along with educators countrywide, we are working toward classrooms and schools that are anti-racist, multicultural / multilingual, and grounded in the experiences of our students. We believe Another Education is Possible and understand that we must take on discussions of school policy in order to create more just and humane schools, but we're also connected to a national & international network of educator activists and recognize together more and more that Another World is Necessary.

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Demystifying the Exhibitor Experience

October 20, 2010 0 comments

The following passage is from TSJ Member Sana to give you an overview of what it means to exhibit at the Curriculum Fair. Please sign up at:

This is a short account of my experience exhibiting at the TSJ Curriculum Fair.

Last year was my first year exhibiting, and like many, I was very apprehensive at first.  However, with the encouragement of my dear friend, Jonah, active member of TSJ, I worked up the courage.  Still a little worried about how I could possibly contribute to the fair, I enlisted the help of my co-teacher Mary.  We brainstormed how we could or already had incorporated social justice ideals such as anti-racist, multilingual, student-centered, etc. education in the classroom.  We realized we were implementing social justice principles while teaching the novel, Monster by Walter Dean Myers through our discussions of the injustices youth of color, specifically African Americans, face with the judicial system.
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Free Minds Free People Conference - Request for Proposals

October 16, 2010

Proposal Deadline:  January 21, 2011 
Full Proposal Download


Free Minds, Free People is a national conference presented by the Education for Liberation Network,
The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, the Chicago Freedom  School and Youth in Action that brings together teachers, high school and college students, researchers, parents and community-based activists/educators from across the country to build a movement to develop and promote education as a tool for liberation.
The conference is a space in which these groups can learn from and teach each other, sharing knowledge, experience and strategies. 

Education for liberation prepares the most excluded, under-served members of our society, in particular low-income youth and youth of color, to fight for a more just world by: 
  • Exploring with students the causes of inequalities and injustices in society and how communities
    have fought against them. 
  • Helping students to develop both the belief in themselves that they can challenge those injustices
    and the skills necessary to do that. 
  • Supporting students in taking action that leads to disenfranchised communities having more power.

The goal of Free Minds, Free People is to provide a forum for sharing knowledge, experiences and
strategies that support the use of education as a tool for liberation by:
  • Building and sustaining connections between people from different backgrounds with an interest in justice-oriented education work 
  • Supporting participants in developing and deepening their practice as learners and educators
    committed to social justice 
  • Nourishing justice-oriented education work in various communities, with an emphasis on the host city, by making strategic connections to collective action in other parts of the country 
  • Acting as a catalyst for the continued development of a social movement around education for
  • Supporting and promoting youth-led education and organizing efforts  
  • Utilizing a collaborative conference planning process that elevates the leadership of students, parents, teachers, researchers and community-based organizers/educators.


We invite K-12 teachers, community-based educators, students, activists/organizers, artists, parents and academic researchers to submit proposals

Full Proposal Download

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TSJ Movie Night! Waiting for Superman

October 6, 2010 0 comments

You're invited to come to the movies with TSJ! We'll be heading as a group to check out the new "Waiting for Superman" film in theaters

Oct 16, 2010
The viewing is at 4pm
We'll be meeting at the theater at 3:30pm
Landmark Century Theater, 2828 N. Clark

Tickets cost $11, we recommend getting advance tickets.

After the film the plan is to gathering in the sitting area in the mall where the theater is - it's on the ground floor.

Feel free to Contact Rachel S. to RSVP, although not required. Rachel's email is and phone is 773-954-9508

For some critical pre-reading & reviews from teachers, check out

We are also having a general meeting Sunday to discuss the film 'Waiting for Superman' in more depth and also to plan for the Nov. 20 Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair. Come on out! Bring a friend!

TSJ General Meeting
Sunday, Oct. 17
UIC-- College of Education, 3rd Floor
1040 W. Harrison St., Room 3233, Commons Room
Chicago, IL
(on facebook)
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Chicago Teachers Union Celebrates 'Stunning Legal Victory' Against CPS Over Layoffs

FOX Chicago News
Chicago - A federal judge ruled Monday that the Chicago Public School system does not have the right to fire teachers without regard to seniority or tenure, handing a victory to the Chicago Teachers Union.

Before the start of the school year, 750 teachers were let go because of budget deficits.

Monday, a court ruling sided with CTU over the firings. Judge David Coar ruled that the district has 30 days to work with the union on a process that would set up so called "recall rules".

The teachers believe the ruling will get them back at work.

Read the full article. 

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NOT Waiting for Superman - Take Action!

October 2, 2010 0 comments

Reposted from Rethinking Schools. is live!

We've got news, articles, and resources, as well as discussion boards to keep the dialogue active. Please invite colleagues and friends to the site and join the fight.

Read on for ways to get informed, create dialogue & take action.
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