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National Day of Action!

December 5, 2013 0 comments

Monday, Dec. 9th at 4:15PM at City Hall

Some powerful and relatively mainstream national organizations have come together to call for a National Day of Action Dec. 9, to defend our schools. They include the national AFT, NEA, Annenberg Institute for School Reform, SEIU, and several national campaigns with strong grassroots bases including Dignity in Schools Campaign and Journey for Justice. See here for more info.

The actions will vary from city to city focused around local issues, but they are united by a national platform that TSJ is generally aligned with-see the principles 

This is significant because of who is involved and the national scope and common program. It is definitely a sign that the growing education movement is beginning to coalesce nationally and that the national teacher unions are moved to act by the militance of locals and the movements around them.  

Please come out! We are all meeting at City Hall at 4:15, see attached flyer
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