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TSJ Meeting: Nov 8, Help Plan the Curriculum Fair!

October 30, 2014 0 comments

TSJ Meeting: Nov 8, Help Plan the Curriculum Fair!

Saturday, Nov 8th, 2014
11AM - 1 PM
UIC College of Education
1040 W. Harrison St.
Room 3233

logoCome to the LAST MEETING before the TSJ Curriculum Fair (which will be Nov 22) and help plan/build for the 13th 
Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair!! 

Help make this CF be the biggest and most powerful ever, with workshops, curriculum exhibits, resource tables, keynote presentations, food, TSJ t-shirts, books for sale, culture, camaraderie, hundreds of like-minded people, and more!!!

We will break into committees and work-there is plenty to do, and you do not need to have already been involved-Anyone can attend and chip in!

Refreshments will be served! (well, ok, self-service :)

And DON'T Forget to ADVANCE REGISTER! It will help us all!
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Karen Jennings Lewis—Warrior for Justice

October 16, 2014 0 comments

This is our moment! The power of grassroots organizing and a revitalized Chicago Teachers Union has put education justice on the front burner in Chicago. There is broad-based disgust with the dictates of mayor 1% and the corporate and financial elites who are remaking the city in their interests while working class people and people of color are struggling and pushed to the margins.
Every great social movement produces its leaders—women and men, teachers, workers, students, parents who rise to the moment and become the spokespeople, visionaries, and courageous champions of struggles for justice against all odds. Karen Jennings Lewis, teacher and a founder of the Caucus of Rank and File Educators, rose up to lead the Chicago Teachers Union as a social movement union, to dare to challenge Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the historic 2012 Chicago teachers strike, and was poised to contend with some of the most powerful economic and political forces in the U.S. for the mayor of Chicago. Karen has lead the fight against education privatization and Chicago’s racist apartheid education system. Even more, Karen Lewis has stepped to the forefront of a growing movement for justice in our schools, our communities, and our workplaces.

Karen has been an unwavering friend of TSJ since we began working together in 2008. Karen, we are with you in heart and sprit as you battle to regain your health. With humility, we pledge to redouble our efforts to win an elected representative school board for Chicago as a strategic step to increase democracy. This is something we can all unite around. And we pledge to continue to work together with parents, teachers, students, unions, and community members to fight for the schools and the city we deserve.  Karen, we love you!   Keep fighting!
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Sorry, the deadline has passed to exhibit curriculum, have a resource table or present a workshop.

October 10, 2014 0 comments

Thanks for your interest, but time has run out to apply to exhibit curriculum, have a resource table, or present a workshop.

Plan to apply for the 2015 Curriculum Fair. 

We're leaving the rest of this post up here for folks who want to plan for the 2015 Curriculum Fair. 

E-mail us at tsjfair14@gmail.com for more info!
Do you want to exhibit your curriculum at the TSJ CF?
Click here to apply.

What does it mean to "exhibit" curriculum at the CF?
Each teacher/exhibitor gets a table at the Fair to set up her/his materials. Many teachers exhibit curriculum by bringing a tri-fold board (like those science fair boards) and bring lesson or unit plans, student work, assignments, artifacts, video, whatever, to share their curriculum ideas. Many bring their students along who sit at the table and explain the work with their teachers. The CF is set up so that we can browse the "exhibits," talk with each other, and share lessons. Questions? E-mail us at tsjfair14@gmail.com 

Do you want to present a workshop? Click here to apply.

What are the workshops?
Although the main focus of the CF is person-to-person contact through the exhibitors at their tables, we also have a limited number of workshops. These range from curricular innovations about social justice pedagogy to, for example, using multicultural children's literature to organizing for educational justice. These provide more in-depth, interactive ways for teachers and students to share what they've been learning and doing in their classrooms, and for activists/organizers to create dialogue and spaces for learning and for all of us to bring democracy to education and Chicago. These are our schools! Questions? E-mail us at tsjfair14@gmail.com 
Do you want to have a resource table? Click here

What's the difference between an "exhibit" and a "resource table?"
Exhibitors are usually teachers who have taught a lesson, unit, or project, or who have some developed ideas to teach. We really encourage classroom teachers who are doing this work. Resource tables are usually for organizations that produce curriculum and resources for teachers and want to share them w/ others. Questions? E-mail us at tsjfair14@gmail.com 

Don't want to exhibit or do a workshop? You can click here to register to attend the 13th annual TSJ Curriculum Fair-Saturday, November 22, 2014, 10:00 - 4:00 PM, at North-Grand HS, Chicago
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