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December 27, 2004

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- Art/CultureThe committee responsible for the artistic and cultural efforts of TSJ and for integrating artistic visions into our political visions. This also includes organizing TSJ volunteers to learn to create art together for fundraising, actions & events.

- Communications/Tech/PR
The committee responsible for the TSJ's web presence and documentation--TSJ website, facebook pages, Twitter, listserv, etc. This group will also be called on to support outreach and PR efforts and connecting to other media outlets.

- Popular Education
This committee is about public education for the public, usually in the form of community events, movie nights, study groups, community workshops, etc.

- Activism
This committee does work including liasons with CTU Community Board, testify at hearings, being present at school board meetings, actions, community events & other organizing endeavors.

- Teacher Support and Solidarity

The Teachers Committee is about supporting classroom teachers & issues, making sure teacher voices are heard and present in TSJ organizing and facilitating teacher organizing.

Sustain the Educator Solidarity Network
- Tell your stories through this website, write for TSJ. This can include anything relevant from the local, national & international. Explore stories of your classroom, school, neighborhood. What do you think about education policies, diversity, human rights?
- Join the Education for Liberation Network's Ning Site and host your own blog, invite other educators to share in the discussions.

Share Resources & Curriculum
- Each year dozens of teachers create curriculum & resources and share them at our Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair. It doesn't have to stop there- feel free to connect with TSJ teachers on collaborative projects.
- Email us your favorite research findings, articles, and reports.

Build Community
- We all need support. Talk to us about throwing a movie night or happy hour for educators. Host a dinner & discussion. Share events with us to put on the Calendar!

Study with Teachers for Social Justice
- Teachers for Social Justice are life-long learners. Join one of TSJ's ItAG study groups to learn from other teachers and explore areas you're interested in.
- Help organize an educational event.

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Resources & Organizations

Educator Organizations:

Online Forums:
    Coming soon.

    Our Network:
    • Kuumba Lynx Youth Arts Organization (presented Half Pint Poetics at this year's Fair)
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