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LSC Summit and Democracy in Education Rally

February 10, 2014 0 comments

Local School Council Summit
This Saturday, Feb 15
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Sign up HERE to attend w/ TSJ
And we need volunteers: Email us to volunteer!

logo* Tired of over-crowded classrooms, school closings & charter expansion? 
* Too much testing and not enough services?
* Should all students have art, music and world languages?
* Do you believe all children should have access to pre-school?
* Do parents, teachers and communities need more voice in CPS? 
* Concerned about discipline policies that stigmatize our youth? 
* Help develop a city-wide platform for LSCs 
*Learn how to hold your LSC accountable
* Learn how to run for your LSC
You do NOT need to be an LSC member to attend, ALL interested community members should come to this event to strengthen local democracy at the school level (LSCs) and at the system level (fight for an Elected, Representative School Board-Come to Springfield with us Feb 27, see info below).

 Download flyers: English and Spanish versions. Note that it is NOT a "candidate summit," it is FOR the reasons above.
Democracy in Education
Rally in Springfield

Thurs, February 27th
Sponsored by:
Communities Organized for Democracy in Education(CODE)
Download flyer here!

For more info, email us here!!
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