Event: Thursday, November 9 - Without Walls: Abolition & Rethinking Education

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Chicago for Abolition: A Summit on Organizing and Strategy

A weekend of events to strengthen the movement against the prison industrial complex. Nov. 8-12, 2017.

for more info, visit: http://criticalresistance.org/Chicago2017/ 

In this period of astonishing energy and public discussion about abolition, Critical Resistance (CR) is excited to build with organizations and communities in Chicago that are fighting to address and eliminate the harms of the interlocking systems of policing, imprisonment, and surveillance—what we call the prison industrial complex (PIC).  As we approach 20 years since the first Critical Resistance conference and our early campaigns, CR is committed to building a stronger abolitionist movement nationally. We are humbled and glad to work with communities in Chicago as part of this effort. Through a weekend of events, workshops and political dialogue, we seek to build a stronger organizational relationships and a stronger shared understanding of PIC abolition and how we practice and advance this cause, locally and nationally.

Wednesday, November 7 - No Easy Victories: Fighting for Abolition
A Conversation with Angela Y. Davis and Ruthie Wilson Gilmore, moderated by Beth Richie

Thursday, November 9 - Without Walls: Abolition & Rethinking Education
Organizing to get police out of your school? Working on responses to harm in the classroom and staff-room that do not involve criminalization? Want a curriculum that creates possibilities to imagine and build a world without prisons and borders? Building to protect students and families from immigration enforcement (ICE)? Come to this panel discussion with K-12 educators, youth advocates, and abolitionist organizers who will deepen learning between and across those constituencies and identify needed tools and resources.

Location: First Defense Legal Aid: 5100 W. Harrison
Date: Thursday, November 9
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM

Friday, Nov 10 - Beyond One Chicago: Resisting the Divisions of the Prison Industrial Complex

Saturday, Nov 11 - Fight to Win: Shrinking Prisons & Jails / Strengthening Communities 
Limited seats are available for this event. These priority seats are meant for organizers with community organizations fighting against the harms of policing, imprisonment, courts, surveillance and the rest of the prison industrial complex. Email Jess@criticalresistance.org if you have questions. General seats will open the last week of October, as available.
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