Calling all ARTISTS!!

September 6, 2011 Leave a Comment

We need your vision, your expertise, and your support! Art is a vital contribution to the social justice movement and we hope you'll consider designing a poster for the Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair this year!

We're kicking off the planning for the 11th annual Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair. This year, our theme is "Defend and Transform Public Education." One of the most crucial parts of the planning process is getting the word out and visually representing TSJ, the Curriculum Fair, and our theme (all in one poster!).

Check out the poster from last year---This shows ALL the information that needs to be included. It should just say 11.19.11, and 11th anniversary instead.

As the TSJ Curriculum Fair is a completely grassroots, volunteer run event, all labor (a lot of labor!) is donated. We hope that artists will step up to contribute an idea for the poster design because they believe in contributing to this movement (we really, really wish we could pay everyone for their time, talent and labor).

If you're interested, please submit a poster design idea to Sarah Atlas,, by September 16. Designs should be a good draft, but doesn't have to be finished. Once we pick a design for the fair, we hope the artist can complete their design by September 24.

The TSJ Arts Committee


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