Why is Teaching for Social Justice Important?

October 28, 2010 Leave a Comment

Following on the US Social Forum in Detroit in June, the national upswing in education organizing, the victory in Milwaukee against Mayoral takeover of their public schools, and the recent tremendous victory by CORE for Chicago Teachers Union leadership, we recognize the need more than ever to build the momentum of the Education for Liberation movement.

For 10 formative years of the Curriculum Fair, we have come together based on our commitment to education for social justice. Along with educators countrywide, we are working toward classrooms and schools that are anti-racist, multicultural / multilingual, and grounded in the experiences of our students. We believe Another Education is Possible and understand that we must take on discussions of school policy in order to create more just and humane schools, but we're also connected to a national & international network of educator activists and recognize together more and more that Another World is Necessary.


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