TSJ Movie Night! Waiting for Superman

October 6, 2010 Leave a Comment

You're invited to come to the movies with TSJ! We'll be heading as a group to check out the new "Waiting for Superman" film in theaters

Oct 16, 2010
The viewing is at 4pm
We'll be meeting at the theater at 3:30pm
Landmark Century Theater, 2828 N. Clark

Tickets cost $11, we recommend getting advance tickets.

After the film the plan is to gathering in the sitting area in the mall where the theater is - it's on the ground floor.

Feel free to Contact Rachel S. to RSVP, although not required. Rachel's email is rachel.serra@gmail.com and phone is 773-954-9508

For some critical pre-reading & reviews from teachers, check out

We are also having a general meeting Sunday to discuss the film 'Waiting for Superman' in more depth and also to plan for the Nov. 20 Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair. Come on out! Bring a friend!

TSJ General Meeting
Sunday, Oct. 17
UIC-- College of Education, 3rd Floor
1040 W. Harrison St., Room 3233, Commons Room
Chicago, IL
(on facebook)


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