More about the Curriculum Fair...

October 30, 2010 Leave a Comment

Lunch is provided for all, to sustain us as we move through our day. Live art, paintings & banners from local movement artists will inspire & amaze, and there's even word (or rumor!) of a raucous after party in the mix... 

Update: Childcare will be provided!  From 10am-5pm. Courtesy of volunteers from the Chicago Childcare Collective. Childcare registration will take place through Online Registration for the Fair.

Update: Our Setup/Cleanup committee has committed to recycling paper & plastic this year and TSJ is striving to have a plastic-water bottle free event. Please bring a bottle of your own.

We hope you'll help us shape this space to be accessible for people with disabilities, accommodating to those with language & dietary needs, and safe for all people to be their full selves.

Register, volunteer, come to a meeting! We'll appreciate you dearly!


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