Social Media for #ShutDownChi April 1 Day of Action

This page contains resources for the #ShutDownChi April 1 day of action. Please send any other images you create to mr.cantor @ and we'll put them up. Please use the #ShutDownChi hashtag, but feel free to add other hashtags like #FundBlackFutures, #FightForFunding, #FightFor15, #ShutDownIL etc. One of the main goals of this action is to bring groups together and show how all of these struggles are connected. 

Search for the #ShutDownChi hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and then amplify and follow other folks who are getting the word out. 

Please encourage folks to commit to taking action on April 1 and to RSVP so they get text reminders about the day's events. 

For news and links about #ShutDownChi to share see

For sample tweets and a basic social media guide go scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

These memes are in no particular order. If you created one and you want us to take it down, let us know. 

Meme Collection... please share!!

Raise Your Hand IL created palm cards for April 1st! 


Social Media Basics

Social Media Promotion for the April 1 Day of Action to #ShutDownChi

There are many ways you can help build the movement to #ShutDownChi on April 1

On Twitter:
1. Follow @teachforjustice  - search for @teachforjustice to see what we’re tweeting and re-tweet to your networks
2. Search for the #ShutDownChi Hashtag and re-tweet to your networks.
3. Tweet your own messages about April 1 using the #ShutDownChi hashtag and we’ll retweet
4. Tweet at @teachforjustice so we can re-tweet you
5. Follow and tweet @ other groups and individuals who have similar social justice foci to build the #ShutDownChi movement. They may re-tweet and/or follow you back.
6. LiveTweet your experiences during the events. Photos are powerful. Masses of people, small groups of people, protest signs etc. Be sure to use the #ShutDownChi hashtag.
7. Go to and download memes to share with the hashtag.  
8. Go to to find links to articles you can share with your networks… along with the hashtag.
9. If you haven’t figured it out yet, every tweet should include the #ShutDownChi hashtag. You can use a second or third hashtag to tie other parts of the movement together. #FightFor15 #FundBlackFutures #NoMoreDeportations #BlackLivesMatter #FightForDyett #FightForFunding #NoAusterity etc.
10. Share the RSVP link so folks sign up for text alerts

Some sample tweets:

I’m going to #NEIU w @teachforjustice to #FightForFunding Fri at 10 then to the Thompson Center at 4 to #ShutDownChi Will you join me?

I’m going to #CSU w @BYP100 to #FightForFunding Fri at 11 then to the Thompson Center at 4 to #ShutDownChi

#FundBlackFutures because there can be no economic justice without racial justice. #ShutDownChi on April 1 RSVP at

April Fools day, but #JusticeIsNoJoke! #ShutDownChi to change the system. No more cuts to students to fund giveaways to billionaires!

I stand with @CTUlocal1 because closing black schools and universities is racism pure and simple.  #ShutDownChi  #FightForFunding 

We #ShutDownChi because we need Fair Funding instead of pay to play #ByeRahm

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