Black Lives Matter at Schools National week of Action: Feb 4 - Feb 8

February 4, 2019 Leave a Comment

Join the National Week of Actions for Black Lives Matter at Schools. Starting Monday, February 4th educators in cities across the country will draw closer attention to four national demands

An end of zero tolerance policies
Black students in CPS are overwhelmingly under punitive school conditions that include metal detectors, armed police officers, and booking facilities on school sites.  However, there are alternatives.  Last Year, CPS and CTU partnered to create 20 Sustainable Community Schools (SCS).  One of the pillars of the SCS model is restorative justice, an alternative to zero tolerance policies and practices in schools. is a new resource hub about ending violence.  Visit their site for more information, including curriculum, on restorative justice.  

More Black teachers
Nationally, 16 percent of k-12 students are Black, yet Black teachers only make up 6 percent of the almost all-white teaching force.  We know that school privatization and closures negatively impact Black teachers.  Check out 9th grade teacher, David Jackson’s, article on the importance of Black teachers.  Support more Black teachers in schools. 

Black history and ethnic studies in every school
CPS requires ethnic studies in all schools but this is a policy yet to be enforced.  Ethnic Studies provides all students, regardless of background, a context to explore the lives of people of color.  Students of color rarely see themselves reflected in school curricula, Ethnic Studies counters this white-centered mainstream narrative. 

Counselors not Cops
Over 4.6 million students in U.S. schools attend schools where there are no counselors, but there are police.  In Chicago, 2/3 of students attend schools with no librarian.  In Chicago, 4.1 million dollars a day is spent funding the police and the city has plans to build a 95 million-dollar police training facility.  That money could go towards the hiring of more counselors and counseling services for students under these traumatic conditions.  No Cop Academy in Chicago has resources for educators

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