Hunger Strike to Save Dyett High School in Bronzeville!

Tuesday, September 22

ANNOUNCEMENT: City-wide rally to celebrate victory and next steps, Tuesday, September 29, 5:30pm at the Thompson Center.
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Dyett Hunger Strike Ends! #FightForDyett 
Inspiring strike is a game changer in education organizing

First interview with Jitu Brown after the end of the hunger strike [audio]:

Dyett hunger strike ends with dinner, declaration of victory:

Parents end 34-day hunger strike, but they aren't done:

Chicago hunger strike ends, but #FightForDyett continues [audio w/Jitu Brown]

The fight for Dyett will go on:

Anna Jones responds to CPS announcement of two TACs:

End of strike but no end to fight: 

Hunger strike ends; Dyett protesters want elected school board

Monday, September 21

“We Shall Not Be Moved”: A Hunger Strike, Education, and Housing in Chicago by Eve. L. Ewing #FightForDyett

Dyett High School Protesters Announce End to 34-Day Hunger Strike

CPS Forms Technical Advisory Committees to Support Development of New Dyett High School

Day 34 - Saturday, September 19

HUNGER STRIKE ENDS, but the #FightForDyett continues!

Speaking at Operation Push, Jitu Brown called an end to the hunger strike. The hunger strike is over, but the fight for a community drive sustainable green technology high school continues. The hunger strike forced CPS to stop delaying their tactics and commit to re-opening Dyett as a publicly accountable neighborhood high school. The hunger strike prevented the privatization of Dyett but there is still work to be done. The #FightForDyett continues. 

What is feels like to go on a hunger strike [video]:

Anna Jones on what the hunger strike meant to her [audio]

Report from the Dyett hunger strike:

Dyett High School protesters announce end of 34-day hunger strike:

Update from WBEZ:

Dyett High School ends hunger strike:

Parents' Hunger Strike Reveals Flaws in Chicago Education Reform:

Day 33 - Friday, September 18

HUNGER STRIKE DAY 33! #fightfordyett #wesupportdyett15
UPDATES from hunger striker Brotha Jitu

1. Yesterday I met with decision makers and they admitted that the block against our inclusion on the design team was alderman will burns. He sees us at the political threat and has stated that he wants us nowhere near the design process for the new dyett high school. He just doesn't get it. We will not lose. We will win for our children!

2. Last night was transformative in our work to build a movement in this country. Black youth project 100 led a March from the police station to demand justice for Rekia Boyd who was murdered by police officer Dante Servin to dyett high school where we blocked traffic and show the unity of connecting the fight for police accountability, a trauma center on the south side of Chicago and the fight for [dyett] high school as one fight. I want to publicly applaud these young people and let them know that I was moved like I haven't been moved in years. They have fueled my already burning flame and I look forward to changing the world with them. Please watch the video below. You will not be the same afterwards.

3. Please attend program at Rainbow PUSH this Saturday at 10 a.m. There will be an important announcement from the dyett hunger strikers. 


Meet the Chicago mom who starved herself for better schools featuring Jeanette:

Dyett, How can this still be happening:

Update from Huffington Post: 

Day 32 - Thursday, September 17

On Day 32 of hunger strike, Dyett hunger strikers convened again at Dyett H.S. before leading a peaceful march to President Obama's house for a vigil. 

Parents’ Hunger Strike Reveals Flaws in Chicago’s Education Reforms #FightForDyett

Hunger Strike to Save Dyett High School Hits One-Month Mark

It’s Not Over: ‘Dyett 15’ still fighting to save Chicago school

Check out these amazing photos from the vigil!
CLICK HERE! (please photo credit to Sarah Ji)

Day 31 - Wednesday, September 16

Watch "Chicago Tonight" on WTTW Channel 11 Chicago to see hunger strikers Jitu Brown and Anna Jones discuss their 31 days of fighting for Dyett. 
wttw online:

Dyett High School Hunger Strike Continues, Despite CPS Announcement #FightForDyett

What would you sacrifice for a fully supported, fully public school?

It's not over: The Dyett 15 Still Fighting:

The Hunger Strike over Dyett High School Has Lasted a Month:

Are you willing to starve for better schools:

Rosh Hashana petition to Rahm Emmanuel: Save Dyett High School
Solidarity action by Rabbi Brant Rosen's new shul

Day 30 - Tuesday, September 15

200 Jewish supporters, including Rabbi Rosen, submitted a letter urging Mayor Emanuel to "respond immediately to accept the plan of Dyett High School families." To view the full letter, please visit: 
Rabbi Rosen

Two protesters end hunger strike due to medical dangers. Thirteen hunger strikers continue.

Dyett hunger strike at day 30 and still counting

Chicago Hunger Strikers Want ‘Voice’ in Future of Dyett High

Dyett Hunger Strike Loses Two Members Over Health Concerns

Day 29 - Monday, September 14

The tale of two Chicagos:
photo credit: Ervin Lopez

photo credit: Ervin Lopez

Medical professionals declare a medical emergency, ask Mayor to prioritize the lives of Bronzeville children

Hunger strikers reaffirm their commitment to educational justice
Cathy Dale: "We are prepared to die. We're not going to go away. We're just not going to go away."
In another interview, Cathy Dale said: "It’s been very disappointing that the mayor of Chicago will allow us to die even though we knew that he would do that because he’s allowed Black children in our streets to die every day

Elected officials call upon the Mayor to negotiate with the hunger strikers:

What we lose when a neighborhood school goes away:

Piden que paren huelga de hambre padres de escuela Dyett


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Day 28 - Sunday, September 13

‪#‎FightForDyett ‪#‎WeAreDyett ‪#‎Dyett15

UPDATES from hunger striker Jitu Brown- 
1. Spirit is strong among the group. Bodies are weary. The fact that Rahm Emanuel doesn't care if we waste away fuels us!
2. Join us tomorrow for an all day vigil at the Mayor's office. City Hall 5th floor.
3. Press conference tomorrow at City Hall at 1PM. Join Us!

Young Activists Getting Results in Chicago

Is the #FightForDyett on the verge of a victory?

Day 27 - Saturday, September 12

EXCELLENT IDEA from Dyett hunger strikers supporters!
Let's show our support by placing a gold ribbon around trees in front of your house. Take pics of it so we can start sharing them.
Why gold? Because Dyett school colors are black & gold.
‪#‎FightForDyett‬ ‪#‎WeAreDyett‬ ‪#‎Dyett15‬
(no need to use these 2 colors if it may cause trouble in your neighborhood, use only gold instead)

photo credit: Rousemary Vega

Day 26 - Friday, September 11

‪#‎fightfordyett ‪#‎wesupportdyett12

1. Yesterday was a good day. Not only did we expose Torrey Barrett in a press conference and sit in at Chicago Public Schools headquarters, we then sent a "hit squad" to confront Rahm Emanuel at the unveiling of a brand new 21 million dollar building as an annex to Lincoln Elementary School in Lincoln Park. The fact that wealthy white parents in Lincoln Park can get a 21 million dollar addition without busting a sweat, a 21 million dollar addition that they didn't even need, and black parents on the southside of Chicago have to starve for the right to a neighborhood high school that reflects the community vision screams the need for an elected representative school board in this city.
2. Hunger strikers confronted the mayor and he ran to the bathroom in order to escape dealing with his constituents. Then a group of parents hunger strikers and supporters caught up with will burns on the corner of 48th and Drexel. He could not handle the heat from his constituents and he escaped to his vehicle. 
3. Today we were contacted by CPS. Talks have begun. We will keep you posted.
4. Mainstream media is not covering this story. This is about "Pastor" Torrey Barrett and the KLEO Center who paidindigent Black people $25 each to attend the Dyett school closings hearing in Januaryof 2012; to push for Dyett's closure. THIS is who was on stage with CPS CEOForest Claypool as the "community leaders" to plan the reopening ofDyett.

In Chicago, neighborhood organizers go on hunger strike — to get their school back

Day 26: Hunger strikers fight to save Chicago’s public schools

Chicago Parents & Activists Continue Hunger Strike To Protest Closure Of Dyett High School

PHOTOS! More photos from vigil held today! CLICK HERE!
(photo credit: Sarah Ji)

Day 25 - Thursday, September 10

#FightForDyett Hunger Strikers attend ribbon cutting for $20Million addition Lincoln school on the North Side. It's not that they object to students having great resources... but ALL students should have access to great resources. 

TSJ member and #Dyett15 hunger striker Asif Wilson in a heated discussion with CPS CEO Forrest Claypool at ribbon cutting (Photo Credit: Mina Bloom of DNAinfo)


#FightForDyett Hunger Strikers sit in at CPS headquarters
photo credit: Ervin Lopez

After the time for a promised meeting came and went, the hunger strikers sat in at CPS. They prayed, again, for CPS leadership and Rahm to open their hearts and minds to the community's proposal. As hunger striker Jitu Brown says, "It's not a compromise if there was never any dialog in the first place." 

New Website! To take action for the #FightForDyett NOW go to  where you can auto-send letters to your elected officials and donate much needed funds. 

Rally & Silent March Day 25:
Today and tomorrow meet at Dyett at 5:50 for a 6:00 rally and walk to a candlelight vigil at President Obama's Chicago home 1/2 mile away. (Meet at Operation PUSH if it's raining)

Tonight's vigil was powerful!

photo credit: Ervin Lopez

photo credit: Ervin Lopez

photo credit: Ervin Lopez

photo credit: Ervin Lopez

photo credit: Ervin Lopez

The Dyett Hunger Strikers’ Fight For Green Technology and a Better Bronzeville

Chicago Parents, Activists 25 Days Into School Hunger Strike

Can you find more photos of Day 24 & Day 25 vigil in this album: CLICK HERE!
(photo credit: Ervin Lopez)

Day 24 - Wednesday, September 9

Three more join the #FightForDyett Hunger Strike!

Brandon Johnson from the Chicago Teachers Union, Susan Hurley from Jobs With Justice and Asif Wilson from Teachers for Social Justice joined the original #Dyett12 today. 

Rally & Silent March:
Today, tomorrow and Friday. Meet at Dyett at 5:50 for a 6:00 rally and walk to a candlelight vigil at President Obama's Chicago home 1/2 mile away. (Meet at Operation PUSH if it's raining)

Come show your support for the Hunger Strikers between 1 and 6 each day at the Dyett site (Operation PUSH if it's raining)

Three more people join the hunger strike:
Brandon Johnson with the Chicago Teachers Union, Susan Hurley with Chicago Jobs With Justice and Asif Wilson with Teachers for Social Justice joined the hunger strike on Day 24.
New York Times video:


Can you find more photos of Day 24 & Day 25 vigil in this album: CLICK HERE! (photo credit: Ervin Lopez)

More photos from vigil! CLICK HERE!

Day 23 - Tuesday, September 8

Rally & Silent March:
TODAY: Tue. 9/8, 5pm Rally at Dyett 555 E. 51st St. followed by march to President Obama's house at 6pm 

Our Twitter Storm was a huge success!

Media Coverage:

New York Times (video): 

Living in Dialog

Chicago’s Fiscal Problems Dog Rahm Emanuel’s 2nd Term as Mayor via New York Times
“It’s also about privatization and squeezing the poor, and it’s about quality neighborhood schools,” Ms. Browne said. “This is a big problem for him.”

How An Act Of Prudence Upped The Ante For Justice In 2015

Day 22 - Monday, September 7

Show solidarity with the #FightForDyett hunger strikers today  at 5:00.  

Empathy Educates 

Photo Album from Day 22 of Hunger Strike! CLICK HERE! 
(Please photo credit to Sarah Ji) 

Day 21 - Sunday, September 6

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry interviews hunger strikers Jitu Brown and Jeanette Taylor-Ramann Link

UPDATE from Jitu Brown: 

1. Wonderful ceremony at Mt. Carmel MB Church. While other Black clergy have avoided this fight, or even advocated for and profited from Dyett's and other school's closure (Pastor Tori Barrett and the Kleo Center, Pastor Chris Harris from Brightstar Community Church), Pastor Robert Jones is a true man of God; humble, courageous with a generous spirit. I am proud to stand with him.

2. Please join us for a Labor Day "marching orders" gathering tomorrow at Dyett HS, 5pm.

3. Starting Tuesday, we will be at Dyett from 1pm-6pm. Join us as we bring real victory to Bronzeville!

4. Reverend Jesse Jackson and CTU will be negotiating with the mayor and cps on our behalf. We have submitted our demands to CPS. They are:

A. We want Green Technology in the name of the school and the primary academic focus.
B. We want world studies and global leadership in the curriculum.
C. The community selects the principal. We want Mr. Duane Turner as the first principal of Dyett.
D. We want our sustainable community school village with the 7 feeders who support our plan.
E. We want Dyett to be a community school, open until the evening with programs for students, parents and community.
F. The pastors who helped to close Dyett and other schools and stood with Forest Claypool on Thursday cannot be involved with Dyett Design Team or programs.
G. We want a fully empowered LSC when the school opens.

Day 20 - Saturday, September 5

Common Dreams

CBS Local

Washington Post

Day 19 - Friday, September 4

Coalition to Revitalize Walter H. Dyett
List of Demands

The recent announcement by Chicago Public Schools to open an arts school with a technology hub is not what thousands of Bronzeville residents said they wanted. There was overwhelming demand for Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School. We are willing to negotiate with CPS, but we will not be excluded from a school we have fought for, suffered for, and struggled to save. We are committed to the following:

Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School

List of Demands

1. Green Technology in school name and in school curriculum.

2. Global leadership/ world studies curriculum

3. Duane Turner as the school principal, who was selected by Coalition to Revitalize Dyett 

4. Fully elected local school council in year 1.

5. Coalition to Revitalize Dyett represented on design/planning team with 6 members in prominent positions. Those who paid protesters to support closing Dyett cannot be on planning team.

6. The school must retain the name Walter H. Dyett.

7. Vertical curricular alignment with the 6 feeder schools identified in the Coalition proposal.

8. Community school (open till 8pm daily, with programs and resources for parents, students and the community) 
The hunger strike continues! While it is good that Rahm has committed to re-open Dyett as an open enrollment, district run, fully public school; he did NOT accept any other aspect of the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett's proposal. The #FightForDyett is not over!


Democracy Now!

(Please credit photos to Sarah Ji) 

Day 18 - Thursday, September 3

"Not good enough, the (#FightForDyett) strikers said in a statement issued through a spokesman.

“This does not reflect the vision of the community,” the statement said.

None of the leaders proposed for the new school in the CPS compromise plan “have been invested in the process. Many of them have existing contracts with the city or have been on the payroll. The mayor has lied to us and the taxpayers of this city. This process has been a sham from the beginning and was created to simply award the school to a private operator,” said spokesman J. Brian Malone."

Day 17 - Wednesday, September 2

BREAKING: #FightForDyett protesters SHUT DOWN city budget hearings! Mayor Emanuel escorted out by police, cancels rest of meeting

Media on the shut down:
Huffington Post:


Chicago Tribune:

DNA Info:


Sun Times:

ABC 7:

CBS Chicago:

News 4 Jax (Florida):

Dyett hunger strikers Jitu Brown and April Stogner take their fight to Washington DC!

You can find the hunger strikers' statement here 


Washington Post:

Al Jazeera:

Huffington Post:

Some photos from last night's vigil:

Day 16 - Tuesday, September 1

The Mayor is feeling the pressure! Monday evening, at the first of several City Budget public meetings, numerous members of the community urged the mayor to meet with the #Dyett12 hunger strikers. Rahm finally caved and agreed to meet with the hunger strikers after the budget meeting. Here is a photo and short update regarding that meeting:

"Hunger Strikers and a few members of the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School Meeting with Rahm Emanuel, Forest Claypool (with several members of the mayor's staff) after the first of three public hearing on the 2016 city budget. The meeting was cordial, however, there was no definitive resolution. They 'need more time to make sure that they are making the right decision by our children.' The Hunger Strike Continues! #‎FightForDyett‬ #‎WeAreDyett‬"

Vigil For Dyett -  7:30PM, at Tribune Tower by DuSable bust (Michigan Ave. & the river, just north of Wacker). Join us for candlelight vigil with Chicago Light Brigade in support of the Hunger Strikers. Help us pray and continue to build power behind the demand that Rahm Emanuel take action to end this Hunger Strike NOW!

Click here for event page: 

(VIDEO) Vigil For Dyett 

Reverend Robert Jones and Cathy Dale Dyett Hunger Strikers: Day 16 of Hunger strike . Light Brigade Vigil for Dyett Hunger Strikers. Reverend Robert Jones leads the vigil in reflection and song. Cathy Dale reflects on progress of Hunger strike and introduces the Strikers

Brother Jitu reflects...
Hunger Striker Jitu Brown speaks of an insight he gained upon reflection on his fellow strikers character...


Media Coverage 

Democracy Now!

Chicago Tribune on Budget Hearing: 


Day 15 - Monday, August 31

Clergy Press Conference 10:00 am 5th Floor of City Hall 121 N. LaSalle- Join an interdenominational group of faith leaders in laying out the moral case for honoring the Bronzeville community's plan for the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology HS.

Speak your Mind at Dyett 1:00 pm - 555 E. 51st St. 

Day 15 Speak Your Mind for Dyett

Mzuri Moyo Aimbaye supports Dyett Hunger Strikes & performs her play "The Fannie Lou Hamer Story" 

Sign up at

The Coalition to Revitalize Dyett invites you to speak out against the choices Rahm made: He gave millions to the bankers and corporations, closed clinics and schools, fine working people with fees; and about the choices he could make - progressive revenue options for the city. The Mayor has proposed an immoral budget that starves our neighborhood schools and communities while the Banks are feasting on taxpayer dollars and services. The City and CPS gave millions of dollars to Bank of America, $154 Million. That money could reopen 10 closed schools, including the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School.

Day 14 - Sunday, August 30

#‎FightForDyett UPDATE from Jitu Brown:

1. Today we attend service at Mt. Carmel MB Church at 2875 S. Wabash. Last Sunday was food for the spirit as we were embraced by the people. Much respect to Reverend Dr. Robert Jones, a true man of God!

2. At 3pm, we have a video chat with parents and teachers from Chile, who are also fighting school closings. We will be at the offices of KOCO, 4242 S. Cottage Grove.

It has been 2 weeks since we started this journey. The fight intensifies this week. We will be at Dyett daily from 10am-3pm. There are actions this week that you can connect to by calling Jaribu Lee at 773 548 7500 or following #FightForDyett on Twitter and checking the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Tech Facebook page. Thank you to Senator Kwame Raoul, Representative Mary Flowers, Commisioner Richard Boykins and so many others who showed their support this week.

Day 13 - Saturday, August 29

From Jitu Brown:  


1. Good day. Hunger strikers held a press conference at city hall to refute message from city hall and cps. Delivered letter to Ken Bennett, Mayor's assistant. Good media coverage.

2. Wonderful rally/jamboree at PUSH Friday evening with close to 100 folks in attendance. We celebrated this struggle and the outpouring of love and support lifted the hunger strikers.

3. We were at Rainbow PUSH today at 10am for the broadcast.

After trying to ignore us the mayor and CPS are now trying to back out of the commitment to open Dyett by making the erroneous claim that there are 12 high schools in a 3 mile radius. Here are the facts:

1. King College Prep on 4445 S. Drexel is a selective enrollment school. Children in the neighborhood do NOT have the right to attend. Less than 10% of King's student's live in Bronzeville.

2. Kenwood Academy on 51st and Blackstone is not in Dyett's attendance area and is overcrowded.

3. Phillips High School on 39th and Giles is run by the troubled Academy of Urban School Leadership (AUSL) and is NOT a traditional neighborhood school. Since the school was turned around by AUSL their attendance has plummeted by more than 50%. This is due to safety concerns as children have to cross several gang lines to attend Phillips and their notorious ZERO TOLERANCE policies, that have pushed out literally hundreds of students


The Washington Post:

Daily Kos:


Hunger Strikers Anna Jones, Irene Robinson and Marc Kaplan speak to the crowd at #ChiRisingAug29 about the connection between police violence and the systemic violence against black and brown communities through the privatization of the public school system. 
CPS teacher and TSM member, Monique Redeaux-Smith, speaks at TSJ meeting about the 16 year history of the #FightForDyett
"This is part of a global fight against the privatization of education," hunger striker Monique Redeaux-Smith, 32, an elementary school teacher and union activist, said on Thursday.

Although Chicago has closed dozens of underperforming public schools since 2013, Dyett has inspired years of passionate community support. That is partly because of its location at the edge of the Bronzeville neighborhood, a cultural mecca for African-Americans fleeing the South a century ago.

Without a neighborhood school like Dyett, protesters say, Bronzeville cannot battle years of black flight to the suburbs and attract families and businesses."

Save the date... Thursday 9/3 at 10:00am. Details forthcoming. 

Day 12 - Friday, August 28

We must counter Rahm's claims that there are plenty of high quality neighborhood HS options for students in Bronzeville.

#‎FightForDyett‬ #WeAreDyett

Sit-in at City Hall outside of the Mayor's office!

Hungry For Justice by Kelly Hayes & Katie Osgood
Urgent Action Alert: Chicago Hunger Strike 
Photo credit to TSJ member Ervin Lopez.

Day 11 - Thursday, August 27

From Jitu Brown:  


1. This is taking a physical and emotional toll on our people. My sister Jeanette Ramann was hospitalized yesterday after collapsing at the CPS board meeting. She is ok. She'll be released today and declared herself "still hungry for Dyett!" Ms. Irene Roninson, who was hospitalized Monday, was with us yesterday in powerful spirit, but she went to get some rest early in the afternoon.

2. We had a powerful press conference yesterday! Thank you to Commisioner Chuy Garcia, Reps Flowers, Martwick, Hernandez, Ford, and others. Thank you to Aldermen John Arena, Sue Susan Sadlowski Garza, Carlos Rosa and others. Thank you to the CTU, IFT and of course the AFT for your strong words and well wishes. We are breaking through the media blackout!

3. Unbelievable support from around the world! Thank you to my Journey for Justice family, Alliance to Reclaim our Schools, Equal Education in South Africa, Puerto Rican Teachers, BATS around country and all of you who are tweeting and posting on FB! We have to stay hot on social media!

4. A special thanks to my brothers and sisters in Little Village! You have walked the walk for Black and Brown unity! To Chuy, Alderman Munoz, Manuelita, Patty, Caro (thank you sis for bringing the BT youth), Fanny and everyone we love you. Bronzeville and Little Village are sister communities for real!

5. This Friday is a jamboree to celebrate this struggle, 5pm at Rainbow Push. Enjoy music, poetry, singing, testimony (no food!) Join us!


This is so much bigger than the fight for one school. We dont know how long we will have to be on this hunger strike, but we are committed to do it until we win for our children and for the struggle for education justice! Stay with us! We need you!


Chicago Magazine: Hunger Strikes by CPS Parents Have a History of Working

Day 10 - Wednesday, August 26

Overpass Light Brigade and Milwaukee Teacher's Education Association #Solidarity

The hunger strike is taking its toll on the health of the brave hunger strikers. Two have been hospitalized. Jeanette Taylor-Ramann had to be removed on a stretcher from today's CPS Board meeting. Irene Robinson was released yesterday and has vowed to continue her hunger strike no matter what. 

DNA Info

CPS school board members stated during their board meeting today that they owe the community an answer about Dyett, but it "may not be the answer everyone wants." The board was supposed to have the final public meeting about Dyett on Aug. 10 and make their decision today, but they've postponed the hearing and decision until September. 

Jeanette Taylor-Ramaan speaking to the appointed CPS Board about her decades long involvement in the #FightForDyett 


AFT president Randi Weingarten and IFT president Dan Montgomery came to support the hunger strikers and the push for the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology HS.

For Randi's full speech click here 

Hundreds of supporters around the US and beyond joined in one day solidarity fasts yesterday and today. Social media using the #FightForDyett hashtag has exploded with over 36,000 tweets and many thousands of Facebook posts. 

The Washington Post

The Chicago Tribune -
The fight for Dyett is gaining supporters as one hunger striker collapses at a CPS Board meeting

Former CPS teacher Eve Ewing wrote an incredibly thoughtful piece that puts the long struggle for Dyett into context. This is a must-read. Please share widely.

PHOTOS from Press Conference: AFT President Randi Weingarten and IFT President Dan Montgomery: CLICK HERE! Photos by Sarah Jane Rhee

Day 9 - Tuesday, August 25

People all over the world are supporting the #FightForDyett hunger strikers by doing a one day solidarity fast today. Post your selfie with a sign of support. 
"Message of Strength and Solidarity to those Fighting for Quality and Equal Education In Bronzeville, Chicago. Your struggle is ours! #WeAreDyett For the past week parents, educators, and community residents in Bronzeville, Chicago, in the United States, have been on a hunger strike to force Chicago Public Schools to re-open their public high school, Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology Academy. They have also called on those who can to join them in solidarity in their hunger strike for just today. Dyett was the last open enrollment public high school serving their community and it was closed. Globally public education is under attack. Public schools are being closed in favour of privatized options. These schools have shown to either produce the same or worse results when compared to public schools. Many learners also have to travel much further distances to access these schools. All of this whilst billions of dollars are transferred from the public purse to private corporations. Poor and working class black communities around the world are disproportionately affected by this and by unequal and poor quality education. In today's globalised economy, the struggle for quality and equal education must also be global. The struggle of parents in Bronzeville is the struggle of parents in Khayelitsha. Stopping rampant discriminatory privatization in the United States will slow down those who wish to do the same in South Africa. If they win, we win! For this reason, EE staff and members in Khayelitsha decided to send those struggling in Bronzeville a brief message of solidarity. You can follow the developments in this battle for quality public education and/or send your own message of support on Journey 4 Justice 's Facebook page. #WeAreDyett #FightForDyett #SaveDyett Phambili Dyett Phambili!"
Posted by Equal Education on Monday, August 24, 2015


Day 8 - Monday, August 24

If you are participating in a #HungerForDyett one day solidarity hunger strike on Tues., Aug. 25 you can commit at to show your support. 

Hunger striker Jeanette Taylor-Ramann tells how her life has lead up to the crucial decision to put her health on the line in this fight. She explains how this fight for an open enrollment neighborhood school has evolved over the years. 

In These Times: Chicago Parents Enter Week 2 of Hunger Strike Protesting Corporate Ed reform and Dyett HS Closure

Solidarity Statements of Support are coming in from around the country and beyond: Check them out here. 

The Hunger Strikers started the day at Little Black Pearl the private arts organization that has proposed putting a privately run contract school in the Dyett building. The #FightForDyett group asked LBP to withdraw their proposal. They did not. 

Back at Dyett there was lots of activity. Ald. Munoz came by to show his support, as did teachers from Lane Tech and many others. 

Artist and Educator Ellen Gradman produced a #WeAreDyett poster and began an interactive art installation. 
Please use and distribute - Poster by Ellen Gradman @SparkYourArt 

Here is a short photo album of Day 8. CLICK HERE!
Please Share! Photo credit to TSJ member Ervin Lopez

Day 7 - Sunday, August 23
(BEAUTIFUL banner created by educator & artist Azteca Fivehundred)
(VIDEO) Discussion with UIC Professor Pauline Lipman and Jitu Brown. 

Chicago Parents Launch Hunger-Strike for Community Input in School's Future 

Day 6 - Saturday, August 22

Posted by the Chicago Freedom School: So much love, strength and appreciation to 9 of the coalition members on a hunger strike. They took the time to share the struggle and passion to save Dyett Global Leadership & Green Technology HS. Freedom Fellows brought coconut water and energy to let community know we are in full support!

CPS teacher Michelle Gunderson talks about the "3 D's" of education privatization and asks how far you would go to guarantee a community based neighborhood school for your kids on the Living in Dialog education blog. 

Photo: Truman Buffett

The Dyett Hunger Strikers Stand On The Shoulders Of These Forgotten Heroes By Matt Farmer

Dyett Parents Hunger for Justice Gets A Lot of Love on Day; Where is the media?

Day 5 - Friday, August 21

Hunger strikers and supporters held a prayer vigil at the offices of Ald. Will Burns and Rep. Christian Mitchell this morning. 

CPS teacher and parent Dave Stieber tries to explain the hunger strike to his 3 year-old.

Dyett Strikers are Weakened and Emotional, but Still Fighting on Day 5

WBEZ interviews Jitu Brown about the reasons for and the demands of the #FightForDyett 

A short photo album of Day 5! CLICK HERE!
Please Share! Photo credit to TSJ member Ervin Lopez

Internet memes to share...

Day 4 - Thursday, August 20

Hunger strikers and supporters held a press conference in the morning in front of CPS and demanded CPS CEO Forrest Claypool to respond on Dyett now! 


 This Chicago Mother Is Fighting To Keep A Local School Open, Despite 'Being Ignored' By The Mayor 


Diane Ravitch blogs in support of the Dyett hunger strike

Here is a short photo album of Day 4. CLICK HERE! 
Please Share! Photo credit to TSJ member Ervin Lopez & Dyett Coalition member Jaribu Lee. 

Day 3- Wednesday, August 19 

Karen Lewis Supports the Hunger Strikers

The #FightForDyett hashtag has been trending on Twitter ... help us keep it going. 

Black Schools Matter

Brave Little Village hunger strikers refused to eat for 19 days in 2001 which lead to Mayor Daley agreeing to build a brand new innovative high school for their community. Two Little Village hunger strikers came to support the Dyett hunger strikers today. 

Here is a link to portraits of the Dyett hunger strikers. Photo credit to Phillip Cantor.

Here is full album of Day 3. Click here! Please Share! Photo credit to TSJ member Ervin Lopez. 

DAY 2 - Tuesday, August 18

The Reverend Jesse Jackson has JOINED the hunger strike. 

Support the Hunger Strike for the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School

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