Moey Dworkin-Cantor Dreamer Fund

December 17, 2017 Leave a Comment

Moey Dworkin-Cantor Dreamer Fund

Support this scholarship fund for two Dreamers at a Chicago Public School!!!
(Moey- by Bella Alarcón)
Many students, including students with undocumented status, attend schools in Chicago. Teachers for Social Justice is committed to building a world where no person is declared illegal, and college tuition is free for all. We are also committed to doing what we can in this moment to ease the financial burden for students who can't take advantage of financial aid while pursuing their post-secondary dreams.

Moey Dworkin-Cantor is currently and courageously battling cancer and is the daughter of Phil Cantor, CPS high school science teacher and TSJ member. This scholarship, named after her, will go towards the college tuition of two graduating undocumented seniors from Chicago Public Schools. Students and staff from the awarded school will elect the recipients of the scholarship.

Link to the campaign is here!!


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