Curriculum Fair Followup Event

December 6, 2017 Leave a Comment

Curriculum Fair Followup Event

Thank You and Looking Forward Event
Saturday, December 9, 5-7 PM
Marwen Arts Center
833 N. Orleans Street, Chicago
This year's Curriculum Fair was a rousing success! With an estimated 900 people, 70 Curriculum and Resource Tables, 15 well-attended workshops, and lots of eaters...we want to thank ALL the people who worked on and attended the 16th annual CF.

The CF is put on entirely by volunteers--entirely. From giving a workshop to putting up a poster, from posting photos to taking down tables, from serving food to doing an outreach event, from registering people to shopping for coffee, over 100 people make the CF what it is--and that's before even counting all the exhibitors who tabled. In that sense, it is a model of what we want to be-an inclusive space with a radical and determined politics, fun-loving spirit, and open heart, put on and embraced by a collective community. It is about building a justice movement, in education and without, about developing the relationships we need to transform this ugly world into another that we know is possible. It is a space for politically educating ourselves and preparing for the work of creating a new society.

We ask that you share your thoughts about the CF in this google form-it won't take long. We are always trying to learn. And, that you join us in the THANK YOU and LOOKING FORWARD event, RSVP'ing here. It's Dec 9, 5-7 PM, and we'll have light refreshments. 



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