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CPS-Sponsored "Community Forum" on the future of Dyett HS

June 10, 2015 Leave a Comment

Wednesday, June 17
6:00 - 8:00 PM
King College Prep HS
4445 S. Drexel
(Candlelight Vigil to follow immediately after!)

Support Bronzeville's Struggle for Dyett HS!

As many of you know, TSJ is part of the struggle to revitalize Walter Dyett HS, which the Board of Education voted (in 2012) to close by this month (see attached Dyett chronology for more). However, due to sustained community pressure, CPS agreed not to close it and to accept proposals. The Coalition to Revitalize Dyett HS, of which TSJ is a member, submitted one this April (see summary here), as did two other groups. June 17, CPS is holding a "community forum" as part of the proposal process. Below is the info from the Coalition, including its call for a candelight vigil immediate following the hearing.

 TSJers, wear your TSJ t-shirt (if you have one!), we want all to see and understand that the support for the Coalition's proposal is from both within and without the community.

Further Background
The effort to reclaim Dyett HS is part of the larger education justice work in Chicago, including the campaign organized by the Grassroots Education Movement (GEM) for an Elected Representative School Board, and for 50 Sustainable Community Schools (click formore info). We are also supporting the CTU's contract demands for "a just Chicago," and were with CTU yesterday, rocking Chicago's downtown, Tuesday June 9!

Dyett HS will be one of those 50 sustainable community schools, but it's not won yet. Bronzeville residents worked for over four years to develop a "village" of schools, controlled by the community, but the Mayor, CPS, and allies refused to accept that plan and instead instigated the proposal process. Also, if the Obama Library comes to Washington Park (accelerating Bronzeville gentrification), it will be next door to the HS.

At the June 17 CPS-scheduled "community forum," the Coalition and the two other groups will present their plans followed by community testimony. Whether you live in Bronzeville or outside, you can come to the forum, support the community's long-developed plan, and speak out FOR public education and AGAINST education privatization.

The Coalition is holding a candlelight vigil immediately after the forum, demanding 50 sustainable community schools, of which Dyett will be the first.


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