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2009 Teaching for Justice Curriculum Fair Recap

November 29, 2009 Leave a Comment

Thanks everyone for coming to the Teaching for Justice Curriculum Fair and adding to the vibrancy of the TSJ community.

The energy, vibe, conversation, sharing that took place was really inspiring and we're so grateful to all of the event organizers, educators, presenters, youth workers, administrators, cultural workers, activists, parents, students and young folks who came out. The critical mass of volunteers was truly inspiring.

Curriculum and resources presented at the fair will be uploaded to this website very shortly for everyone's use. We've got photos, audio recordings, videos coming.. Keep an eye out!

In the meantime, check out our Facebook group if you'd like, and send an email to teachersforjustice(at)hotmail.com to be added to our growing listserv.

We would also LOVE if you would let us know how things went for you and how we could improve on TSJ and next year's fair. If you have a few minutes, please fill us in! Click: http://bit.ly/7H9QUa.

Peace, Solidarity & Gratitude,

Below is a summary of happenings, resources:

Curriculum! Workshops! Resources! Culture And more critical tools to fight for social justice in the classroom, school, and community! 

Keynote Speakers:

Our keynote speakers for this year's curriculum fair were from the Association of Raza Educators (ARE - California). ARE arose as a response to the continued stereotyping and violation of the civic and human rights of the Raza community. Specifically, ARE emerged out of an organized struggle against the anti-Raza hysteria created by the passing of Calif. Prop 187 in November of 1994 and oppressive propositions such as Prop 209, 227, 21; ARE is working against more current policies such as HR 4437 and the "No Child Left Behind" federal legislation.
The title of their talk: "Ser Pueblo, Hacer Pueblo, Estar con el Pueblo: A Collective Struggle for Our Liberation"

Check out this highlight video from the panel presentations:

The Opening Program also included a special report back from two Teachers for Social Justice members who traveled to Honduras in October with the La Voz de los de Abajo Human Rights Delegation, and representatives from Chicago's Caucus of Rank & File Educators (CORE) and Chicago Youth Initiating Change (CYIC).

The Teaching for Justice Curriculum Fair is an all-volunteer event and we would love your contributions!

2009 Workshop Descriptions:

* Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence: Curriculum Development Project
 Mariame Kaba; Chicago Freedom School / Project Nia/TSJ
We agreed to do this as a front of work, in collaboration w/ CFS/Project Nia, and to tie in the national TAG network to create the curriculum. Goals for the project: (1) To produce and disseminate an interdisciplinary curriculum guide to help interested adults facilitate youth-led action research projects (in and out of school) to explore the question, “Why Did Derrion Die?” (2) To foster spaces across the city for youth and adults to use the data gathered through these projects for discussion and action.

* The Battle for Relevant Curriculum – Creating a Social Justice Course on Chicago from the Grassroots by Us!!
Nzinga Hill, David Stovall, Gary Henry, and Anton Miglietta from Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce – a project of CYIC 
CPS students learn very little about Chicago and our communities, the people’s history, the politics, economics, or culture! In response, a taskforce of community folks, educators, and students have joined together to design a grassroots social justice curriculum all about Chicago by Chicagoans. This workshop seeks to involve you in the process of building a curricular movement for the right to learn about Chicago and our communities. Participants will get down and dirty with Chicago topics of importance, will give their input into the curriculum, and will have a chance to begin writing history. Books, video, handouts, speakers, music, and more will be offered to interested participants.

* Restorative Justice Practices for Schools
Jane Nicholson, Jeanne Walker, Jean Klasovsky (Women for Peace in Education, Orr H.S., Farragut H.S.)
Our Restorative Justice Practices for Schools workshop promises a lively team-led and interactive experience.  The workshop begins with a teach-in on restorative principles.  A few basic terms such as justice, harm, and discipline will be brainstormed by the group.  We will explore how restorative practices benefit schools. Following the teach-in, trained peace circle keepers will demonstrate a peace circle discussion. After observing the peace circle practices, we will have a question and answer period so that all present can ask for clarifications, make their concerns known, and get information that will be applicable to their school settings.  Hand-outs with resources and restorative justice basics will be available for everyone.

* The Potential of all Students – Sin o Con Papeles
Emelda Bekkal and Rene Díaz / Chicago Teachers Center, NEIU
This interactive workshop will share new findings on the struggles of undocumented adolescent students and will look at how teachers and communities can empower students to battle oppression.  We will also share strategies on how communities and individuals can proactively develop support systems both in an academic setting and beyond the classroom.

* Mapping a Peoples Atlas of Chicago(land)
Jayne Hileman, Art & Design, Saint Xavier University, Chicago
Building on the AREA Chicago Peoples Atlas Project, this workshop looks at patterns in Chicago as place and displacer. Connecting the visual space of maps of Chicago to alternative experience of place, this workshop will encourage using the AREA Chicago templates of Chicago and of the Calumet Region, for developing Alternative Neighborhood Tours and “No-Go” Zones in the region in group mapping work, lesson ideas on the mapping ‘graffiti” of cartouche designs by cartographer/mappers, and mapping inner self and outer appearance as personal identity exploration.

* Renaissance 2010 goes national – And How We Are Fighting Back
Teacher Activist Groups and GEM Chicago – Facilitator, Pauline Lipman, TSJ
Representative of TAG from several cities will describe how the Duncan education agenda of privatization, mayor control, and breaking unions is hitting their cities and how people are fighting back. They will dialogue with members of the Grassroots Activist Movement Chicago and the audience to share lessons and strategies. 

* Theater as a Weapon for Social Change
Je Nepomuceno, Nara Movement Project
The issues and problems of class struggle cuts across the social scope of race, ethnicity, gender, education and social influence. The workshop is an interactive exercise on exploring classism and power structure in the society. A departure from the conventional sit-down lecture, the workshop is based on the techniques of the Theater
of the Oppressed. The aim is to use an experiential approach to pinpointing and hopefully solving the problems.

* To Fight and to Win: Building a Social Justice Teachers Union
Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE)
CORE members will facilitate a discussion about what a membership based Teachers union connected with students lives, parental concerns and other unions throughout Chicago might look like. We are poised not just to talk about it, but actually implement our vision. CORE has, for the first time in history, defeated the incumbent leadership in a mid-term election. Share your concerns, experiences, and help us design a platform that reflects our pedagogical and political aspirations.

* Chicago Youth Initiating Change: Building Youth Power through Youth Organizing and the Social Justice Student Expo”
Kellina Mojica, Raymond Flowers, Anthony Johnson, Xian Barrett (CYIC)
Join the students and adult allies of Chicago Youth Initiating Change (CYIC) as we show how youth across the city are fighting for our educational rights and how you can join us! Students will involve you in activities and simulations as well as give you some specific advice on how to organize your school. We will look at both school and civic budgets, and also what is happening in Chicago education. In addition, you will learn about the Social Justice Student Expo and how to get involved/registered for 2010.

2009 Curriculum Exhibits:

  • Homeless Policy and Art. Albert S  (Bowen Environmental Studies Team High School).
  • Chicago Student Bill of Rights. Alvaro O   (CYIC).
  • GLTB awareness. Alicia M, Mary K (Eberhart and Carl Von Linne).
  • Language and power. Emily F  (Farragut Career Academy).
  • Game-based learning. Jay B  (Game Wise Consulting, Tiltfactor Lab, Global Kids)          
  • Mathematics of Neighborhood Displacement. Rico G (Greater Lawndale/Little Village School for Social Justice/UIC)                                                                                    
  • Oppression, equality, justice. Bob S, Samantha G  (HEART)           
  • Labor unions. Stephanie D, Gina C, and Sarah W  (Illinois State University)       
  • Social justice, human rights, direct services, arts. Asad J   (IMAN--Inner-city Muslim Action Network)       
  • Training for humane education.  Amy M   (Institute for Humane Education)
  • Science, society. Institute for the Study of the Science of Society       
  • School funding, transportation. Julian  (Jaguars for Justice/CYIC)       
  • Drugs and drug laws, gentrification, education, criminalization of youth. Jitu B (Kenwood Oakland Community Organization)
  • Hip hop arts. Kuumba Lynx           
  • Youth violence. Mariame K (Project Nia, Chicago Freedom School)
  • Restorative justice, peer juries. Miguel G (Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy)       
  • Disability. Caitlin O  (School of the Art Institute)           
  • Public space and the breakdown of communities. Amanda A (School of the Art Institute)       
  • Teaching art and social justice. Mary S  (School of the Art Institute)           
  • Emphasizing importance of community, inviting student experience  and knowledge into arts. Meaghan B (School of the Art Institute)           
  • Visual culture and media literacy. Katie M  (School of the Art Institute)
  • Language practices and the school. Luthando M (School of the Art Institute)           
  • Youth critically examining their realities. Roberto R  (Social Justice High School, UIC)           
  • Food access/food justice. Zarah C, Ilana Z  (Umoja Student Development, Manley Career Academy, Collins Academy, ACE Tech Charter School)           
  • Imperialism and military recruitment. J. Cyriac M  (UPLIFT Community High School)
  • Housing, gentrification, Chicago olympic bid. Nathan H  (UPLIFT Community High School)       
  • Peace. Cynthia B  (Wadsworth Elementary)           
  • Children fighting back against manipulative media and advertising. Lindsay S (Lincoln School)           
  • Developing the young civic leaders, activists, policy-makers. Brenan S  (Mikva Challenge)
  • Social justice and mandated curriculum. Liav S(P.S. 230 Doris L. Cohen, Brooklyn) 
Resource Tables:
  • American Friends Service Committee  (Darlene G).  Militarization of the public schools.
  • AREA Magazine  (Daniel T, Dave P). Topic: Arts, Research, Education, Activism
  • Beyondmedia Education    (Tara M). Topic: Media arts for underserved and underrepresented women, youth and communities 
  • Camp Kupugani  (Kevin G) Topic: Multiculturalism, diversity, girls empowerment
  • Casa Guatemala  (Cesar S) Topic: Community resources in health, education, labor and immigration for Guatemalans in Chicago
  • Changing Worlds  (Kay B) Topic: Oral history, writing, art programs to improve student learning
  • Chicago Copwatch  (Rocky P) Topic: Criminalization of youth; monitoring police brutality
  • Chicago Freedom School  (Hilda )   Topic: Resources and education for youth empowerment
  • Concern Worldwide USA     (Sylvia W) Topic: Reduce suffering and poverty
  • CYIC--Chicago Youth Initiating Change  (Anton M) Topic: Social Justice Student Expo sign-up and information table
  • Day of Healing--Restorative Justice  (Ryan H) Topic: Day of healing for restorative justice schools and organizations
  • Educators' Network for Social Justice [ENSJ] (Steaphanie S) Topic: Milwaukee area schools promoting pro-justice curricula and policies
  • Females United For Action [FUFA] (Daisy Z) Topic: Resources and education for young women and gender-queer youth
  • Haymarket Books (Joe A)  Topic: Progressive books; labor and working class history
  • International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network  (Jeannette P) Topic: Jews for the liberation of Palestinian people and land
  • Jane Addams Hull-House Museum  Topic: Memorial to Jane Addams; contemporary social issues
  • La Voz  de Los de Abajo Topic: Report back from Honduras (Alexy L)
  • Labor Education Program—UIC  (Jennifer S, Nancy L) Topic: Workers' rights, union organizing, history of labor movement
  • Marwen  (Sarah A)  Topic: visual arts education for under-served youth
  • NYCoRE--New York Collective of Radical Educators    (Bree P) Topic: Social justice in school system
  • People's Tribune/Speakers for a New America  (Bill W, Nick M) Topic: Paper as voice of revolutionaries
  • Popular Education Alliance; WE LEARN; Literacy Chicago; Dorothy Stang Adult Popular Education H.S.; Community Writing and Research Project; LiteracyWorks  (Janise H) Topic: Adult education using pedagogy of popular, liberatory education for marginalized groups
  • Seven Generations Ahead  (Courtney W)  Topic: Build healthy and ecologically sustainable schools and communities
  • Small Schools Workshop Topic: Equity, school closings, privatization
  • Teaching For Change  (Lauren C)  Topic: Education and activism
  • The Black Youth Project  (Fallon W)  Topic: Resources for black youth
  • TRIBE--Total Resource Benefiting Everyone Inc    (Greg M)   Topic: Engaging youth to address violence, illiteracy, poverty, and substance-abuse
  • TSJ Math Inquiry to Action Group  Topic: Where is the math?  Connecting gentrification, R2010, and Criminalization
  • Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center  (Chris D)  Topic: Multi-cultural diversity of Uptown and Chicago, provide creative outlets
  • US Social Forum-- Chicago Road to Detroit Coalition  (Robin H) Topic: Preparing for US Social Forum 2010
  • Women for Peace in Education  (Jean K)  Topic: Restorative Justice in public schools  
  • The Chicago Foundation for Education  (Sarah H)  Topic: Improving education experiences for elementary schools
  • The Children's Music Network  (Anna S)  Topic: Education and community building through music
  • The Public Square  (Charlotte K)  Topic: Debate and dialogue about cultural, social and political issues
  • TRACE Program [Teens Re-Imagining Art, Community and Environment] --Chicago Park District  (Carla M)  Topic: jobs-focused teen leadership


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