"Opt Out" from having NCLB turn over your personal records to the military

August 7, 2007

Click here for Opt Out Form
The above link will take you to one of many versions of an "opt out" form. This form requests that the Board of Education remove the student's name from the list of students provided to military recruiters as dictated by the No Child Left Behind act. Please note: the student or the parent or guardian only need sign. The form does not require both parent and child sign. Student I.D. number is required or the form will not be processed!

Suggestion for submitting the form Students can mail this directly to Donald Pittman as the form indicates. You can also collect them and mail them in bulk, perhaps ensuring a higher completion rate of the entire process. At Kelly High School, the Students for Social Justice Club has received permission to distribute these from a table during lunch time. The administration has asked that we provide them with a list of the names of signers so that they, too, can be sure to follow the students' wishes. Recruiting, at least at Kelly, is so frequent that almost all students will likely have a face-to-face encounter with a recruiter. Face-to-face is definitely a more effective recruiting method. However, the opt out campaign is a relatively low energy means to raise the recruiting issue and to identify students, faculty, and parents who might work on a more demanding campaign to limit recruiter access to our young people.
If you have questions or want access to leaflets and information critical of the current recruiting drive and of dishonest or deceptive recruiting techniques, please see

Chicago Coalition Oppsed to the Militarization of Youth

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