Puerto Rico Solidarity Work

May 24, 2018 Leave a Comment

In recent months Puerto Rico’s U.S. appointed Financial Oversight and Management Board, and the 2016 PROMESA Law, has laid the groundwork to close nearly 300 schools, lay off 7,000 teachers, adopt charter schools and expand its use of voucher programs, and cut pensions for public sector employees.

However, Puerto Ricans, including members of the Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico, and those of us standing in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico oppose these neoliberal austerity measures.  We are asking for your support in the following actions:

  1. Educate yourself and those around you.  Continue to read the stories of those impacted by the measures and share them with others, including your students.  Click here to read an interview with Mercedes Martinez, President of the Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico.
  1. Support grassroots resistance.  Click here to make a monetary donation to the resistance efforts being made on the ground in Puerto Rico. 
 In solidarity,
Teachers for Social Justice


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