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The Challenge of Teaching in a Racially and Politically Polarized Time

October 18, 2016 Leave a Comment

Our panelists will address the complex issues faced by K-12 teachers struggling to help students make sense of the current tumultuous environment: the heated rhetoric around race, immigration and xenophobia in the 2016 election, the debates around race and policing here in Chicago and throughout the country and other  controversial issues.  What are the challenges of these developments for teachers and what are the different ways that educators meet these challenges?  The panelists will address how to engage students in meaningful discussion, how to create safe classroom spaces and how to develop a mind-set of civic responsibility.

Dr. Horace Hall, Associate Professor, DePaul College of Education will present introductory remarks and moderate the panel.

Panelists include:

Liz Robbins, Social Science teacher, Lindbloom High School; Civic Instructional Specialist for Chicago Public Schools

Mario Perez, Coordinator and Social Science teacher, the Newcomer Center, Township High School District 214, Arlington Heights

Johnae Strong, Elementary school teacher and restorative justice coordinator, Chicago Public Schools


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