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Democratize Education! Democratize Chicago!

November 14, 2014 Leave a Comment

13th Teaching For Social Justice Curriculum Fair: 
Democratize Education!
Democratize Chicago! 

Nov. 22   10 am to 4 pm
North Grand HS
4338 W. Wabansia St., Chicago
[don't forget to register here and don't forget your water bottle!!!!]


Kali Akuno-an organizer, educator, and writer for human rights and social justice. He is an organizer for the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (www.mxgm.org) and former Co-Director of the US Human Rights Network (www.ushrnetwork.org). Kali also served as the Executive Director of the Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund based in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. And he was a co-founder of the School of Social Justice and Community Development, a public school serving the academic needs of low-income African American and Latino communities in Oakland, CA. Kali has authored many articles and pamphlets on how government counterinsurgency, state violence, the drug war, mass incarceration and neoliberalism impact Black communities. Two of his most recent works include, Operation Ghetto Storm: Every 28 Hours and Let Your Motto Be Resistance: A Handbook on Organizing New Afrikan and Oppressed Communities for Self-Defense.

Kali recently served as the Coordinator of Special Projects and External Funding in Jackson, MS in the administration of the late Mayor Chokwe Lumumba. He is also a co-founder and coordinator of Cooperation Jackson, an emerging network of worker and consumer cooperatives in Jackson (www.CooperationJackson.org).

Jackson Potter is a Chicago Public Schools graduate. He was a high school
activist who led a walk-out at Whitney Young HS in 1995 to push for equitable funding for schools in Illinois. After college he worked at Englewood High School and was the union delegate there and joined a rank-and-file group of teachers to form the Renaissance 2010 committee within the Chicago Teachers Union. He and Al Ramírez formed CORE in May of 2008 and joined with community organizations in the Grassroots Education Movement. In June of 2010, CORE won the general election for the leadership of the Chicago Teachers Union, the third largest teachers local in the country. Jackson currently serves the CTU as the staff coordinator.


Exciting, provocative CF Workshops:

SESSION 1, 12:00 - 1:15

1. Continuing the Conversation: Dialogue on Strategy for Economic and Political Democracy. (Kali Akuno and Teachers for Social Justice).

2. Community Will in Action; Sustainable Community Schools and the Fight for Dyett High School (Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School).

3. African and Mexican Cultural Materials for STEM Classrooms (Beatrice Lumpkin, Patricia Flagg Poole).

4. This Is Not a Test: New Narratives on Race, Class, and Teaching in the City. (José Vilson, Jen Johnson, Mayra Almáraz-DeSantiago, Greg Michie)

5.Tobacco Timeline (David Bender, American Indian Center)

6. Talking With Youth About the Police: Activities & Resources. (Mariame Kaba, Project NIA). 

7. Señor Presidente Le Vengo a Decir/ Mr. President I'm Here To Tell You: Using Traditional Community Music As a Catalyst for Cultural Justice in The Barrio. (Maya Fernandez, Stephanie Rodriguez, Jackie Rodriguez, Camilo Rincon, Alexee Castro, Rafael Rincon, Gina Gamboa, Raul Fernandez, & Laura Cambron).

8. A Practical Toolkit for Test Resistance (More Than A Score coalition including Chicago Teachers Union—Kim Goldbaum and Sarah Chambers [CTU], Sherise McDaniel [CPS parent], Emmanuel Murillo [Curie HS student]).

SESSION 2, 1:45 - 3:00

9. (special organizing workshop) Democratize Education, Democratize Chicago!-Next Steps. (Teachers for Social Justice and other members of the Grassroots Education Movement [GEM] and Communities Organized for Democracy in Education [CODE]).

10. Where's the Money?  Understanding CPS budgets and Fighting for Revenue (Matthew Luskin, Chicago Teachers Union)

11. Resisting Teach For America (Katie Osgood, CPS)

12. Know Your Rights and Cop Watch Training for Educators and School Staff. (Sharlyn Grace and Monica Trinidad, We Charge Genocide and Community Activism Law Alliance)

13. Building Critical Curriculum on Chicago's Schooling and Education (grades 7-16). (Asif Wilson, Dave Stovall, Isaura Pulido, Ann Aviles de Bradley, Anton Miglietta, Cecily Relucio Hensler, Gabe Cortez, Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Task Force)

14. Equip Students with Social Justice Vocabulary: Identity Webs, The Sneetches & More!   (Genevieve Erker Caffrey, 4th-6th grade teacher).

15. From Chicago to Ayotzinapa: Education as a Site for the Fight Against Neoliberalism and State Repression. (Laura Ramírez, Rosemarie Domínguez, Jesus Chávez, Jennifer Juárez). 

Parking Info for Curriculum Fair

Saturday, Nov 22, 2014
10 AM - 4 PM
North Grand HS
4338 W. Wabansia St., Chicago

[don't forget to register here and don't forget your water bottle!!!!]

Parking is available in the school parking lot AND across Kostner Avenue in the Cook Brothers parking lot, in the EAST side of the lot, nearest to Kostner and the HS. 

The picture below shows it...

See you tomorrow!


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