School Closings Curriculum - Teaching For Social Justice

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Curriculum Created by Cyriac Mathew, a TSJer at Uplift Social Justice High School:

Teachers & Educators: Have your students learn about school closings and implement a related service-learning project! This is a two-week, work-in-progress curriculum to get our students to better understand some of the issues related to school closings and then make their voices heard. 

Whether you are a HS teacher or not-this curriculum is really important because it not only serves as a model of how to prepare young people to understand and change their world, but it also shows what teachers can do inside the classroom as well as outside! It's a great model and we urge ALL teachers to try to do similar work to what Cyriac is doing. 

Download the curriculum here:

For further info, email Cyriac directly

Also, a whole host of pictures by TSJer Sarah Jane Rhee and her ever-present camera:
March 27 Rally
March 25 Students March
Please make sure you give credit to Cyriac and/or Sarah if you use their materials!


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