TSJ's Stephanie Hicks on the CTU Strike: Interview by Kevin Powell

September 20, 2012 Leave a Comment

TSJ's own Stephanie Hicks was interviewed on writer and public speaker Kevin Powell's blog regarding the CTU strike. Here is an excerpt:
How do you respond to those who say teachers are asking for too much?
To those who say that teachers are asking for too much, I’d say that the conditions under which teachers teach, and students learn, make a world of difference in the educational process. If teachers aren’t compensated fairly, if they don’t have adequate affordable healthcare, and time to attend to their families, or the resources they need in the classroom to teach effectively, their students are going to suffer. Just as students should be able to go to school in healthy, safe, supportive environments, teachers should be able to work in them.
How do you respond to those who say teachers’ strike is affecting the children?
I’d say that the strike is affecting them in the best way possible: they’re learning the most valuable lessons out there on the picket lines! I’ve been at two of the big rallies in the past week, and student and parents are out there in solidarity with teachers. High school marching bands provided the background music to the chants. First graders were waving hand-made signs calling for lower class sizes and showing support for their teachers. Many parents understand that teachers aren’t striking to hurt kids. They’re not striking because they’re lazy. They’re striking because they’ve have had enough of the disinvestment and want better for their students.
Please read the entire post on Kevin Powell's site (Stephanie's answers are in the first part of the post):


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