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February 16, 2012 Leave a Comment

Next Wednesday, February 22nd, the Board of Education will vote whether to close, phase-out or "turnaround" 16 Chicago Public Schools. This is a really important time...

*from the December 3rd King HS Teach-In (400 teachers, parents, students, community members, union members)

*to the December 13 candlelight vigil (several hundred) and sleepover on the cold wet sidewalk before the December Board meeting,

*to the now-famous Mic Check takeover of the Dec 14 Board Meeting,

*to KOCO's 4-day sit-in at the Mayor's City Hall Office, where, on Day #2, the Mayor ordered "no chairs," forcing seniors to sit on the floor!

*to the exposé of the "rent-a-protestors,"

*to the rally against Noble St. Charter's draconian discipline policies and outrageously punitive fee schedule,

*to all the resistance at the school closing "hearings" and parent meetings around the city--

This year is not like others. People are pushed to the brink and are willing to do more to fight for the neighborhood schools--and their neighborhoods. Enough!

These are our children! NOT corporate product!


Thurs, Feb 16 6PM - 8PM
IL House Bill 4487: Moratorium on School Closings, Turnarounds and Phase-Outs
Pleasant Gift Baptist Church
4526 S. Greenwood
(3 blocks east of Cottage Grove Ave.)

Mon, Feb 20, 4PM
Rally to Support Schools
Lakeview High School
4015 N. Ashland

Wed, Feb 22, 6AM - 8AM
Rally before Board of Ed Mtg
CPS Headquarters
125 S. Clark St.


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