Call to Action: Fight CPS School Closings!

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For more information on school closings, go to ctunet.com/closings.
To get involved, contact teachersforjustice@hotmail.com.

500 Demand NO School Closings!
On Dec. 3, at King HS on Chicago's South Side, 500 teachers, parents, students, security guards, classroom aids, community members, organizers, and more came together at the CTU Community Board's "Teach-In Against School Closings." Chicago Public Schools are proposing to close/phase-out/consolidate/turnaround 19 schools this year. Over the next 10 weeks, the struggle will accelerate-the struggle of people in neighborhood schools for real resources and support, as an alternative to "school actions" (charters, turnarounds, private control of public schools paid w/ public dollars)!

The solidarity and unity across the city was evident-there were people from 125 schools in CPS!! And 25 unions and community organizations! This is NOT business as usual, as we could feel by the astoundingly high level of militancy, determination, and political consciousness that these are policies of the 1% against the rest of us. The "arrogant racism" (as Jitu Brown of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization termed it) of a school system that doesn't believe that Black and Brown parents and teachers know how to educate their own children is disgraceful and more. (For further reports on the Teach-In, see http://substancenews.net/)

Here are two maps which locate the school closings (old and proposed) in relation to race, foreclosures, and public housing. The CTU Research Dept developed the maps, and they speak for themselves. Click on the images to see the fullsized maps.

The NEXT step in this fight is the Board of Education Meeting on December 14, 125 S. Clark St (CPS HQs). The night before, Tuesday, Dec. 13, there will be a candlelight vigil starting at 6 PM at 125 S. Clark.

We will then assemble at Dec. 14, at 6 AM Wednesday morning, because that is the only way to get to speak at the Board meeting. You get on line at 6, get signed in to speak starting at 8, wait till 10:30 for the Board meeting to start, and until about 11:15 for the "public testimony" period to begin, where you have 2 minutes to speak, no two people can speak on the same topic, and you can no longer even stand up to support the speakers. And don't forget that you have to miss your 9 to 5 to be there, IF you're lucky enough to still have one. This is democracy? Public input? It's a sham and a shame.


See you December 13 and 14th!
Teachers for Social Justice

CTU's Resource Page on School Closings
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