Announcing Workshops for 2011 TSJ Curriculum Fair

November 12, 2011 Leave a Comment

Workshops for the Curriculum Fair are now finalized. Here is the list:

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND REGISTER ONLINE (you do not need to register for workshops but you DO need to register for the CF to save you and the rest of us "at the door madness").

We have workshops for and by K-5 teachers, middle/HS teachers, counselors, popular educators, artists, parents, youth, union organizers, adult educators, bilingual educators, queer activists, anti-PIC activists, anti-school-militarization activists, youth workers, and MORE!

Curriculum Fair Workshops-12:15-1:30
Tactics for High School Counselors to Restrict Military Recruiters

Brian Galaviz
El Cuarto Año High School
Community-Led School Transformation: The Bronzeville Global Achievers Village

Jeanette Taylor-Smith, April Stogner, Tracie Scott, Jean Williams
Kenwood Oakland Community Organization

Your Social Life: Intergenerational Workshop on Cyber-bullying & Digital Abuse
Tiffany Witkowski, Tiara Epps, Salome Chasnoff
Beyond Media
Teaching about the "Occupy Movement" and the Current Crises in Grades K-5

Belén Donahue, Israel Hernandez, Monique Redeaux, Stephanie Schneider
Teachers for Social Justice
Living in the Second America: An Interdisciplinary Unit Exploring Youth Violence

Sara Atkins, Melissa Marquardt, Hari Vasu-Devan, Karen Zaccor
Uplift High School
Politics and Culture in the Classroom: Using 'Critical Incidents' as a Springboard for Critical Pedagogy

Kate Stemper, Jonah Bondurant, Emma Meade
Popular Education in ESL/ELL Inquiry to Action Group

Classroom Strategies for Teaching Mathematics and Statistics for Social Justice
Ronald Towns
Christian Fenger Academy High School (Chicago Public Schools)

Curriculum Fair Workshops-2:30-3:45
Honduras-Teachers Defend Public Education in the Midst of a Coup

Norma Yanina Parada
National Front of Popular Resistance to the Honduran coup & Honduran Teachers Unions
Off-Limits? Investigating the Role of Sexuality in the Classroom

Rachel Harper, Meggie Harvey, Ali Jennings, Nicole Darcangelo, Boyd Bellinger
ChiQueer: Queer Issues in Education Inquiry to Action Group
Popular Education In Cuba

Alberto Gonzalez, Evarina Deulofeo
MLK Center, Cuba
Discussing the Prison Industrial Complex With Youth

Billy Dee, Mariame Kaba, Lewis Wallace
Chicago PIC Teaching Collective (Project NIA)
Critical Bilingualism in Grades K-5

Allie Epstein, Rita Sacay
Teachers for Social Justice
Teaching with the Work of Howard Zinn: Voices of a People's History Past and Present.

Mariah Neuroth, Kevin Coval
Voices of a People's History

Changing the Narrative: Using Visual-based Storytelling to Uplift Unheard Voices
The Bees - (Molly, Nikki, Tyler)
The Beehive Design Collective


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