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Militarization of Youth Workshop

February 9, 2008

TSJ and the American Friends Service Committee presents:

* A curriculum development workshop on anti-military recruitment using the new Camouflaged curriculum*
* A short panel presentation on the new CPS Board policy toward anti-recruitment work (AFSC & TSJ)

Saturday, February 9, 5-7:30PM
Decima Musa
1901 W. Loomis in Pilsen

*The brand new curriculum, Camouflaged: Investigating how the U.S. military affects you and your community, was produced by the NY Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE).

We will have presentations of two lessons from Camouflaged, then break into subject-matter groups to plan & work on some concrete curriculum ideas (note-this is mainly middle to high school work).

You can check out the curriculum from NYCoRE's website, http://www.nycore.org/curricula.html

Due to our resources (lack of!)...can people planning on attending please either download and print a copy (not small!, ~150 pages), OR download the pdf onto a laptop and bring the laptop so that people can work on it in small groups at the workshop. We will have a few copies available as well.

And there is food and drink for sale at Decima Musa...

No preregistration is necessary, this is a free event (though we pass the hat for Decima Musa), please join us. And you do NOT have to be a practicing classroom teacher, ALL are welcome.